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Rising High

Few words about us

Aurum – a growing and leading group of ambitious companies like Aurum Corporation and Aurum Developers Pvt Ltd. What started as a small business in 2005 today became a colossal group of multiple companies.

In the long 15 years journey of delivering sophistication and enchanting seemingly impossible things, our dedication in work and pure love towards what we do has always made our way towards perfection. We all know nothing is perfect, but yet we seek for perfection and work hard to achieve it. This is the force that driven us here, and still driving us ahead and ahead.

The mission

India faces a growing need of business breakthroughs such as manufacturing and built to suit infrastructure for corporate sector, and we cater this upsurge of need by delivering innovation at its best with the help of maximum optimization of resources and technologies across the nation and beyond.

The vision

By striving to create affordable and innovative solutions across all the small and metro cities in India, we envision to challenge the state-of-the-art techniques and cutting-edge technologies by improving them further and making the implementation available for every individual or entity.

The path

Our path to achieve the aim is to not settle down for anything. Considering every success as a milestone, we at Aurum Corporation have always, and still going further and ahead on our path towards meeting the extraordinary level of sophistication.

We are true to

Our Values

With this wide perception, succeeding have always been the foundation pillars of Aurum Corporation.

All Ethical

Binding every aspect of work to the ethical practices, we have always been authentic with legalities.


Determining the milestones and stikcing with the determination is the quality that we accumated over the years.

High Quality

We govern every step of doing by regulating everything to the high quality levels.

Honesty and

Being honest and excellent at what we do is not just our value but the very nature of what Aurum is.

True Utmost

We believe in teamwork and we put together people who make excellent teams to do the remarkable innovations.

Founder’s Words

"What I started as my dream venture nearly 14 years ago, has saw a business with 1-Crore annual turnover in its first year and today is moving towards a 50+ Crore annual turnover.

In this journey what's not changed is the concrete determination and the values that we cared about at Aurum from Day 1. We still have our foots deeply connected to the ground and aiming at the sky by rising higher and higher."

Madan Thombre

Founder and CEO

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What people say about us

As a land owner, our experience with Aurum Developers has been extremely good.

- Ksham Gangoli

Our time was fruitful and we are happy to be their customer.

- Jagdeo Jadhav

Very helpful, responsive staff and management. I would recommend them to anyone.

- Milind Shimpi.

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